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Our Boundless Curiosity Drives Us to Innovate.  Knowledge & Planning Enable Us to Get it Right the First Time

 Media channels include paid and organic search, website, mail, email, video, digital display, connected TV, and call center.  All client results achieved while adhering to the highest ethical and consumer privacy standards and operating within regulatory boundaries.  The following are some of our highlights.

woman processing credit card on device


Launched Citibank ITA program, which included a new prospect database, data and list source optimization, custom modeling and segmentation, and annual contact strategy. Exceeded new customer target by 15% in year one.

Delivered 100% lift to Chase AARP affinity card acquisition using machine learning and an ensemble model approach to create highly responsive and creditworthy audiences.

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Launched integrated GEICO solution, which included new prospect database with data, modeling, and segmentation. Grew direct marketing program by 10x while acquiring higher-value customers at lower cost.


Provided 10% lift to Hartford's Home & Auto affinity program through proprietary data sourcing and analytics to create high-performing audiences.

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doctor listening to a child's heartbeat with stethescopehcare


Delivered 15% lift to healthcare marketing co-op by deploying turnkey agency services. Built HIPAA-compliant prospect database comprised of first-, second, and third-party data. Integrated digital and offline data, modeling and segmentation, and audience creation and activation. Clients included United Healthcare, Optum, Delta Dental, EyeMed, and HearUSA.


Created a real-time digital data-sharing co-op with New York Life Insurance to provide high-performing digital audiences.  Top segments delivered 50% lift.



Improved Expedia's affinity marketing results by 20% using machine learning. Created suite of models tailored toward segments such as high value, package tours, and car rentals. Used data and research insights to inform new creative for all channels and media.


Improved Avis Budget's affinity program results by 25% and expanded their addressable universe. Delivered highest-value and brand-loyal prospects who were in-market for travel purchases.


Provided 30% lift to packaged tour operators such as Collette and Grand European by sourcing new offline and digital data assets, and creating new audiences from machine learning and modeling.

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Avis Budget Logo


Delivered analytic services to Home Depot to grow professional services line of business through better identification and targeting of high-value prospects.


Built analytic data marts consisting of billions of records for clients such as Lowe's, The Container Store, and Pep Boys. Integrated customer data, product SKU-level data, and store data to generate proprietary insights, targeted audiences, and enterprise-level segmentation.


Developed data and analytic solution for Tommy Bahama's holiday program, delivering 50% lift vs. prior year.


Provided on-site consulting to Macy's direct marketing staff to help them unlock value of new CRM database and deliver better customer experiences.

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Scaled DIRECTV's direct-to-consumer program at a time when +90% of its new subscribers derived from Blockbuster, Radio Shack, and third-party channel partners. D2C program became #1 acquisition source in less than three years. Greatly enhanced sophistication of operation to deliver reliable cost per acquisition in more channels while scaling growth by 7x.


Delivered over 20% lift to AT&T Wireless's affinity program. Sourced proprietary digital and offline data and used analytics/machine learning to create top-performing audiences.


Delivered 100% lift to Consumer Cellular Inc. through combination of new proprietary data sources, machine learning, and smart deployment in channels.

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Att wireless
Charity Drive


Lowered AARP's membership acquisition costs and expanded both their targeted universe and use of channels.


Developed AARP's caregiver proof of concept with 13 data assets and ID graph. Leveraged machine learning to identify three top data sources and create audiences by the millions.


As a founding executive, launched Influent50, a marketing agency focused on consumers aged 50+. Scaled from $0 to $20 million and 50 people in three years.


Built world-class data and analytic ecosystem using first, second-, and third-party data. This ecosystem became the omnichannel engine for AARP's $1 billion affinity market business.


Built a suite of 100+ data products for U.S. consumers aged 50+. Products adopted by dozens of small and F500 clients.


Delivered C-suite and board-level presentations to guide AARP executive leadership on digital transformation and networked-platform business models.

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Led CEO-level engagements to build roadmaps and investment plans and develop highly durable and scalable growth models.


Delivered CDO frameworks for enterprise data management and governance, privacy compliance (including GDPR and CCPA), and linking business strategy with data and analytic strategy.



Led business development for Acxiom's $320 million Global Data & Data Services business across North and South America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.


Led efforts with Acxiom and GE Money's Private Label Credit business to launch first-of-its-kind database solution in Mexico.


Led analytic consulting efforts for Canadian Tire, one of country's largest retailers.

All Client Results Achieved by Deploying the Highest Ethical and Consumer Privacy Standards, and Operating Within Regulatory Boundaries

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